What People Ask Us Most - LA Valet & Shuttle Services

What exactly is a full service valet?

A full service valet offering does not simply stop at parking a vehicle. We strive to create an experience for everyone we come in contact with.

What services do you offer your clients?

Our service offering includes valet parking using the most updated tools in the industry including SMS Valet, a large vehicle fleet offering for shuttle services to insure your guest receive the full experience and bellman services individually catered to each property.

What sets you apart from the industry??

Our services are designed on the promise of total commitment to excellence in the travel and hospitality industries. We constantly train and maintain the highest customer service standards and updated safety procedures.

Are you hiring?

We are always looking to add to our successful team of highly trained vales and chauffeurs. You can apply here.

What vehicles make up your shuttle fleet?

Our shuttle fleet ranges from luxury sedans, SUV’s, minivans and Sprinter buses to 27 passenger mini coach buses and full luxury coaches.

What is SMS Valet?

SMS Valet is the latest technology in ticket-less valet service. It allows us, the valet company, to provide faster, more reliable services while the client no longer has to worry about misplaced claim tickets, long wait times or overlooked details.